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Terry Hunter

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Quit Smoking
Try Hypnosis on EVERYTHING!!!!
Happy Relationships
Attract Abundance
Childbirth Management
Body Image &
Weight Loss
Migraines & Stress Reduction
Self Esteem
Exam Anxiety well as Improved Memory, Phobias, Confidence Building, Anxiety, Pain Management and much more!



To host an event at your place of business or for a solo or group session contact Terry Hunter directly.

“If you can dream it, hypnosis can create it.” 


Terry Hunter: 506-476-4968


Group Sessions:

Hire Terry For Group Weight Loss, Sales Motivation and Stop Smoking Sessions:

Put together a group of 10 or more participants and receive a 10% referral fee for hosting  the group. 


NEW!!! Phone Sessions:

$75 CAD (Terry will call you)


NEW!!! Skype Sessions:

$75 CAD & Terry will Skype you


In Person:

$85 Fredericton Clients 

$95 Moncton Clients


Couples/Relationship Sessions: 

$100 per Fredericton Couple

$120 per Moncton Couple


Group Sessions:

Fredericton: $30/person with 10 or more participants 

Moncton: $40/person with 10 or more participants 


Different rates for travel. 

Consult Terry directly before any payment.



Fredericton Hypnosis

"Serving New Brunswick with Hypnosis Solutions to Virtually Every Problem!!!"


Warning!!! Side Effects may include and not limited to: 

Increased Happiness, Better Body Image, Health, Confidence & Prosperity!


Fredericton Hypnosis

with Terry Hunter



I received my training from Gomberg Brown & Co. in 2001 in Fredericton. I am certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists as well as the Canadian Board of Hypnotherapists and Counsellors.


I've had many hundreds of clients over the years for smoking cession but also have given treatments for phobias, memory enhancement, migraines, weight loss, and much more.


I did one-on-one sessions for years and recently have developed my group program for weight loss and smoking cessation with an average of 15 participants per group and as high as 25 in some sessions. I've also been working with various weight loss and fitness facilities. 

Terry Hunter: Founder & Director of Fredericton Hypnosis!


"Terry Hypnotized me to go to the gym 5 days per week for 30-40 minutes. It worked! I was also a life long breakfast skipper. Its a month and a half later and I'm still attending the gym at 8am every morning and eating breakfast every day. I NEVER thought it would work because of my extreme lack of motivation. This is my best track record ever in my whole life! Thanks Terry! 

A. K.


"I have had two sessions in the group setting and things have been going very well.  I have already lost 10lbs since the first session and that was only a month ago!  I am so happy I met Terry and had the opportunity to be involved in the weight loss hypnosis!"


"I had a hypnosis session earlier this week with Terry Hunter.  I got some really good results and although I will likely need another session, I really felt great and got to live the difference immediately after the session. Terry is being of service and he really comes from a place of integrity, respect and love for others in his work.  His rates are extremely reasonable and I am enjoying the benefits.  I recommend him to anyone who feels inspired to work with him. For those who do not know me... other than Esther and Jerry Hicks, I am not free flowing with recommendations...  I do however feel that Terry's work can help many accomplish a deeper level of joy in daily living in a very simple way."



My father has been a smoker since 13 and he is now 80! He has COPD and wanted to quit so badly. I suggested that he see Terry and he was up for it! He hasn't smoked in 3 weeks...what a great thing! Terry was so easy going, spending time to get Dad comfortable and understand the whole experience. I couldn't recommend a better guy  to help you out! Thank you, Terry!




What is Hypnosis?

Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) concluded that Hypnosis, "...involves a temporary inhibition of the cerebral cortex of the conscious, uniquely human part of the brain..." This has since been confirmed with modern scientific instruments.

This allows suggestions to reach the lower brain centers and initiate desired changes in habits and perception. Fortunately, subjects only respond to post-hypnotic suggestions to which they agree, not to any undesired ones. Afterwards, people generally report a peaceful, relaxed feeling of well being.

What is Hypnotherapy?

The use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, to obtain the subject's desired results

Can Hypnosis Be Done Over The Phone?

Yes of course! Its the same session you would receive in person. Our schedule is flexible with openings in as little as one week. Evenings and weekends are available. Terry is available to anyone in North America. Phone hypnosis allows you the convenience of choosing your own location for your session. You never need to leave your home.

What About Skype Video Hypnosis?

Terry is in the process of setting up Skype to do video sessions. You the client would need to set up a skype account as well. Its fast and free! Visit: to open your account.

Then email Terry to set up your appointment.

What is Group Hypnosis?

Popularized by Franz Mesmer in 18th Century Vienna and Paris and currently experiencing a resurgence in North America and Europe. Many authorities believe hypnosis will be even more effective when done in a group due to what scientists call emotional contagion, a form of group instinct. Groups should be limited in number.

How Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

The Science:

1986- the Journal of Clinical Psychology examined 109 individuals, aged 16- 67, who completed behavioral treatment for weight loss. With or without hypnosis, all showed significant weight loss after 9 weeks. At 8 months and 2 year intervals, the hypnosis group sowed a significant additional with loss, the others didn't.

1986- the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology showed that 60 females with only hypnosis treatment, had lost 17lbs. on average 6 months later. The non-treated group averaged 1/2 lb.

1997- another study showed that a combination of hypnosis with other wight loss plans more than doubled the weight loss results.

2005- NBC Dateline compared Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Atkins Diet, Extreme Exercise, and Hypnosis. The results were that only one subject, a pastry chef, was given the hypnosis treatment. After 3 months he had lost 40lbs. The next best result was 24lbs. The average was 12- 14 lbs. The Chef was the only one who appeared to be happy, enjoying exercise and eating good food.

Why does Hypnosis work for weight loss?

It trains the brain at a subconscious level to consistently do the things you need to do in order to achieve and maintain permanent weight reduction and control.

More about Weight Loss:

Using hypnosis, I take any existing knowledge pertaining to weight loss and use it to help you achieve your fitness goals and desires. I reprogram you to love exercise and good food, taking away any desire for unhealthy and fattening foods. Everybody is easily hypnotized through my clear explanation of the process. Clients come for repeat booster sessions 1-2 weeks later if need be. 

After the booster session, clients find themselves becoming happier, and lose weight much easier than they ever thought possible. Its like they are on auto-pilot finding themselves naturally compelled to exercise and eat right. 


The following terms apply to all email, telephone, Skype, live sessions - group or individual - or any other communication between Fredericton Hypnosis staff and any person, persons or institution:

1. Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, shall Fredericton Hypnosis or its staff be liable for any consequential or special damages in any way, now or in the future, relating to hypnosis treatment or any other advice, treatment or services given.

2. Our methods and treatments are not meant to replace or interfere with the work or advice of any qualified physician or G.P.  We ask that no modification or cessation of any prescription given by any G.P.or other physician be made.  

3. Only persons of 18 years of age are eligible for treatment. People with epilepsy or any known psychiatric illness must have approval of their physician first.

4. The success of hypnotherapy relies upon the positive intent of the participant to achieve their stated goal(s).

5.  If after 6 sessions at the price stated at or otherwise negotiated and stated via e-mail, we shall provide 2 more sessions within a month free of charge.  This shall be the extent of our obligation.

6.  Strict confidentiality of client information shall be maintained, likewise contact information  such as telephone numbers, e-mail and postal information. This shall not be shared and shall be used only for communication with clients.

7. Information contained within the site or any of its links is for information only; diagnoses are not to be made from it.  

8. Results are not guaranteed and anyone can and may be refused or discontinued from treatment at any tIme, no explanation required although will most likely be given.

Hire Terry For Group Weight Loss, Sales 

Motivation and Stop Smoking Sessions:


Put together a group of 10 or more participants and receive a 10% referral fee for hosting the group. 



(Corporate rates available)

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